In the Sierra de Aralar in its westernmost part is located near an impressive beech grove the mount Pardarri of 1396 meters and that next to the Txindoki are the most representative mountains of Gipuzkoa.

From its summit we can see the Sierra de Aizkorri, the Moncayo and the Sierra de ToloƱo, the Anboto and the Gorbea.

Going down towards the valley towards Amezketa we find green meadows with shepherds with their livestock and the dog as protagonist, actively participating in the work of guide, care of livestock and support of the shepherd.

It is beautiful to see in these places a Euskal Artzain Txakurra, either in any of its two varieties, Iletsua or Gorbeiakoa, carrying the herd with leadership measure.
It is in the middle of this place where we settled almost 25 years ago
our EAT Breeding Centre, PARDARRI.