As Responsible Breeders within our Code of Ethics, we always take care of the health and welfare of our animals.

We offer them food and veterinary services of the best quality, in addition to affection, understanding, love and much patience.

We are committed to the genetic study of our breeding specimens in order to achieve the best specimens in terms of purity and typicity with respect to the breed standard

We assume the responsibility for the eradication of diseases, fundamental issue to make a demanding selection of dogs suitable for breeding free of congenital, genetic or acquired diseases as well as defects in the morphology of the standard.

Our goal is not to populate this world with dogs, the mass sale or exploitation of procreative females for profit and abusive business that only lead to abandonment, uncontrolled crossing and selfishness typical of merchants and not responsible breeders.

As responsible breeders we demonstrate and have a passion for EAT and animals in general. When we get rid of one of our puppies goes with them the guarantee of being a dog sociabilizado, media with the environment, free of diseases and taras. Our commitment is our word.

Well done things look good, every puppy leaves the CENTER with microchip, registration papers in the Royal Canine Society and the first vaccines put by specialized personnel, our veterinarian trusted.