Ainhoa Rincon

She is our photographer, selfless collaborator with the breeding center, from here we thank her unconditional support. The photographs for this website have been donated selflessly.

Know his work in your website

Txabio Andino

Has coordinated the development of this website and has been responsible for drafting texts

Coordinates EAT Etxea Project

Alberto Garayoa and Estela Itsaso

Our thanks for the contribution of the contents on the morphology of the Euskal Artzain Txakurra, based on the standard of the breed.


Providing hemeroteca, graphic material and knowledge, in addition to actively collaborate in the Breeding Center.


Development and maintenance of the website.

Batis Aldaz

For years he has collaborated in the work for the recovery of the Euskal Artzain Txakurra.
Master in Canine Ethology, has directed courses of canine education aimed at owners and their dogs.
He has also collaborated on the website, having translated all its content into Basque.
With us, he takes care of the socialization of the puppies from birth until they are delivered to their new owners
She then advises these new owners to complete this socialization once the puppies are in their new homes.