sociability of your puppy

Congratulations, you have your puppy!

Your puppy has acquired, through his mother and brothers, the skills to develop in the world of dogs.
With us he has been initiated in a socialization program to live with humans.
From now on he must continue and complete such socialization with you.
Whether you enjoy it or it becomes a problem will depend on the success of such work
To help you achieve this we propose some guidelines:

  • Specific site for the puppy. Do not wander around the house.  
  • For short stays: small space ( the transport can be valid. It will also be your place to sleep).
  • For long stays: space wider but also limited ( a space inside the kitchen, in the bathroom...) where you will teach him to make his needs (something away from his bed).     

Don’t miss the bowl with fresh water!

  • Habituation to family life.
    • Make him feel the noises of the house: washing machine, dishwasher, coffee maker, mixer, radio, tv, music...
    • Falling objects, crockery noise, doors..
    • Doorbell, intercom, tfno....
    • Varied human voices (woman, man, children, elderly), talking, shouting...

All family members should participate:

    • Take him, hug him, caress him (without burdening !), feed him, talk to him...
    • Feel all your body: legs, head, pads of the plants of the legs, ears, snout, mouth, groin, tail...

( has to be touched by all. The veterinarian will thank you at the time of reviews).

    • Pass the brush to comb it daily.
    • Bathing is also an important moment. In addition to getting used to human contact, you can also start swimming. Habituating it to contact with water will bring you both unforgettable moments in the future.
    • Give him food in hand to earn his trust.
    • Get him used to the necklace.
    • Respect your rest times. Puppies, although intermittently, need to sleep a lot (12 hours ).

He has to get to know his new environment. Except in closed perimeters, keep him on a leash.

  • People: every day you have to meet new people. Give them food in your hand. Let them take it and caress it. When you get used to it, take it to places with crowds of people.
  • Noises: from trains, buses, cars, motorcycles, noise from companies, concerts..
  • Kids on bikes, skates, skateboards...
  • Get firecrackers of different power and, from lower to higher and, from further to closer, make them explode and observe their reactions ( very important for when there are parties or storms !)
  • Other dogs ( and other animal species): know the more, the better. Interacting with them will help your integration into the new environment.
  • Take it to the beach. Step on the sand and fight with the waves on the shore. Take it to the river, test the stream of water near the shore...
  • Don’t forget to collect your stools from the public road (don’t look for enemies!).

In short, in the next 1 or 2 months, the more new things you know, the better. So you won’t get scared and you can take it anywhere without any problems.
Start from the first day to teach him the basic things for living with humans:

    • Come when you call.
    • Stand still, waiting in a place, when instructed.
    • Sit down when asked.
    • Lie down when required.

As a puppy you will get it easily rewarding ( with food and caresses mainly) behaviors considered appropriate and ignoring those you do not want to occur. If you do not do it when it is puppy, as an adult it will be almost impossible and you will have many problems.
If in a period of time (when you have between 6-8 months +-) you have not succeeded, do not wait and ask for the help of qualified personnel. You won’t regret it.
The more you know about dogs, the better you will understand your puppy and your performances will be more successful.

    • Read and find out. You have a lot of valid material that you can use both in specific books and on the web. Choose sources of proven prestige.
    • Remember that it is a dog puppy and that dogs are not people dressed in fur. To deny it its nature is to hurt it a lot.
    • See a vet for your puppy’s medical history. He will advise you.

From “ PARDARRI “ we hope that this adventure you now start is for you and your puppy a wonderful experience.
“ PARDARRI”, Amezketa.