We are a Responsible Breeding Center that works with and for the dog in the search and maintenance of the characteristics of the two varieties of Euskal Artzain Txakurra, EAT

For us, responsible dog breeding has been a process that has taken years of study of breed, genetics, health and above all involves a great commitment to our dog, as it needs complete attention and dedication.

At all times as responsible breeders we carry out previous studies covering aspects such as feeding in the breeding area, diseases, health, care of a litter, preservation of the breed, among many other aspects that are important when breeding

Our goal is selective breeding getting puppies to whom we give affection and love, we socialize them so that they can move in the environment that will touch them live with their owners and with the characteristics of the city and the countryside.

We recognize that the EAT is a working dog with which we encourage shepherds and rural people to use it in the care of livestock and other own tasks as well as the protection of the farmhouse against other invasive breeds

Doing a little history, since Mr Don Mariano Gómez Fernández presented his doctoral thesis with the morphological and character characteristics of the two varieties and obtained its recognition as RAZA by the Royal Canine Society of Spain in 1995, a group of responsible breeders set to work to bring forward the EAT in the path of extinction, greater in the case of the variety Iletsua, and that in greater or lesser numbers has been present in the Basque geography since the Neolithic Age without apparent morphological change.

Currently a group of breeders have come together in what is called EAT ETXEA PROJECT whose objective is aimed at responsible breeding and its international projection.